Kellenstienia graminea
Kellenstienia graminea

BCOS Show Table Guidelines
 Eligibility Requirements

Dichaea purpurea
Dichaea purpurea

Awards will be given for first, second and third place. Honorable Mention may also be awarded. Fewer than three plants in one of the categories does not automatically qualify them for first or second prize; it will be at the judges’ discretion to select the most appropriate award.

Please refer to our Definitions if you need clarification on our terms.

   • Species
   • Cattleya Alliance
   • Cymbidiums
   • Dendrobiums
   • Pleurothallid Alliance
   • Miniatures
   • Oncidium Alliance
   • Open
   • Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium Alliance
   • Phalaenopsis and Doritis Alliance
   • Vanda Alliance

Changes to the categories (additions/removals) are by member vote

Judging slips must be filled in appropriately with the plant name and category. Members’ names must be on the reverse side for appropriate recognition.

No-Name plants (Lost Label) are acceptable on the show table.

To be judged, an orchid must be in the member’s possession for at least three months. Having a plant judged that you have just purchased is considered bad form. You can however place the plant on the show table. Use the white forms that signify the plant is not to be judged. Bringing your recent acquisitions to a meeting is encouraged.

Any plant awarded a First Place is not eligible for repeat judging until three months have elapsed.

Plant category placement is the responsibility of the member. However, judges at their discretion may move an incorrectly placed plant into a more appropriate category. Plants may be shown for educational purposes but not judged, use the white plant slips to indicate this.